"I first saw Shirley for a pre-race massage 2 days before the Triathlon Titan Sierra de Cadiz in Spain. Through training for and racing triathlons I get frequent massages and over time you get to know when you're in capable hands and right from the start of the session I had the upmost trust in her abilities which was later reinforced with my body feeling fantastic and very responsive during the race.... Thanks Shirley!"
Caydern Douglas, Melbourne, Australia

"Shirley has treated me for many sporting conditions over the years. She helped me get through a marathon, and then helped me recover from a marathon. Running wasn't possible until Shirley got hold of me. I still remember it being painful, but after every session I could notice the difference and I knew it was doing me good. Shirley's knowledge is second to none and I couldn't recommend her highly enough. I only wish that she was still in London so that I could receive regular treatment."
Lyndon Littlefair, Corrective Exercise Specialist, London

"Shirley is the most brilliant deep tissue and massage therapy specialist I have encountered. She takes an investigative and analytical approach to her work and is always trying to find the solution to the problem, not just treating the symptoms. She helped me get back to normal breathing and exercising following pneumonia which restricted up my lung capacity. And she showed me the value of deep tissue treatment, in conjunction to physiotherapy or osteopathy treatment."
Rassami H., UK

"I first came to see Shirley with an achilles tendon problem which she sorted out extremely quickly, professionally and the problem has stayed away. After that she went to work on a lower back problem that had been troubling me for years with the same result. I have never found a masseuse before or since who even came close to Shirley's knowledge, and successful techniques which led to dramatic improvements very quickly. Shirley is what all masseuses should aspire to be."
Mike De Halpert, UK

"I had the great honor to meet Shirley O'Neill in 2004 in London. We soon exchanged treatments and I discovered through her treatment a very special approach to the body. Shirley takes time to understand what dysfunctional patterns in your body could be at the origin of your aches and pains. She then uses great skills to release and balance your tissues and make you feel like a new person. I greatly value the time we worked together closely in London and I know, my patients did too."
Boniface Verney-Carron. Osteopath, London